Adaptive Contrast Enhancement Test Examples

These images have been clipped to 480x512 and in this version are stored at half this resolution. A larger version of this array is available.

(Click on any image for enlarged version.)
fraction 0; window 11x11Original test imageClipping field, (0.25,1)Clipping field, (0,0.25)
fraction 0; window 25x25fraction 0.15; window 25x25fraction 0.45; window 25x25fraction 0.75; window 25x25
fraction 0; window 85x85fraction 0.15; window 85x85fraction 0.45; window 85x85fraction 0.75; window 85x85

This shows the results of applying adaptive contrast enhancement to a test image. It is a comparison of window sizes with four different contrast enhancement fractions. The images in each row were created with a different cumulation function powers (alpha=0.75, 0.45, 0.15, 0) and matching proportions of local-mean replacement (beta=alpha). The window sizes for each row were 25x25 (top) and 85x85. The original image is shown at the bottom.

The Fourier series method was used with 30 terms in each case.