Window Size Comparison in Adaptive Contrast Enhancement

These images have been clipped to 480x512 and in this version are stored at half this resolution. A larger version of this array is available.

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fraction 0; window 21x21fraction 0.15; window 21x21fraction 0.45; window 21x21fraction 0.75; window 21x21
fraction 0; window 41x41fraction 0.15; window 41x41fraction 0.45; window 41x41fraction 0.75; window 41x41
fraction 0; window 81x81fraction 0.15; window 81x81fraction 0.45; window 81x81fraction 0.75; window 81x81

This is a comparison of three window sizes with four different contrast enhancement fractions. The images in each row were created with different cumulation function powers (alpha=0.75, 0.45, 0.15, 0) and matching proportions of local-mean replacement (beta=alpha). The window sizes for each row were 21x21, 41x41 and 81x81 from top to bottom.

The Fourier series method was used with 30 terms in each case.