Adaptive Contrast Enhancement

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I hope in the future to overhaul the code base, and incorporate some significant improvements. This will result in a fresh set of programs and software libraries with more power and flexibility, as well as better explanation of the potential applications.

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The `Adaptive Contrast Enhancement' package is a suite of programs for enhancing the contrast in images. This site provides example results, programs for you to download and try, and links to further programs.


In addition to the introductory examples, there is an extensive set of examples in html format. You can browse them here. Also have a look here for references and reports.

There are now some mpeg movies which you can play.


I have written this short article with a proposal for colour enhancement.

Free software

The ACE package is free for use under the GNU public licence. There is a kind of FAQ describing which ports are available. The package is available in three versions:

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