ACE Versions and Ports


This page gives information, which I will try to keep current, on which ports are available. It serves as a FAQ. Please email me if something needs to be updated. If you compile for a new platform, I can link to your page or put the software here.


The ACE package currently has three versions: For software available from this site see this download directory.


I rely on others to provide compiled versions for anything other than Linux. The only impossible combination is GIMP on a Mac, unless GIMP has now been ported there.


See the above links for up-to-date versions.

Other Unix:

It should be easy to compile for other Unix systems.


There is a windoze plugin for GIMP for windoze. The distribution includes a version of non-GIMP ACE for Windoze.


It would be quite straightforward to compile for the Mac, and may not need a commercial compiler. We will have to wait for a Mac version of GIMP to have that working, of course.


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