Brandy Snap Baskets

Brandy snaps have similar uses to tuiles, but are more of a candy and less of a cookie.  Tuiles use eggs and more flour.  Brandy snap baskets can make a fancy dessert, eg if pressed between individual-size brioche tins.

The quantities given are for about 12 large, or 24 small pieces.  It is possible to make half this quantity: about 6 baskets or 12 cookies.  A large cookie is, say 3/4T of batter making 7cm/3in cookies.  You don't need to gather the ingredients until you have melted the butter.

¼c or 4T 2oz 50g Unsalted butter, fairly soft
¼c or 4T 2oz 55g Sugar
1/3c or 5½T 3oz 80g Golden syrup (see notes)
1t Gd ginger
¼c or 4T 2oz 55g Flour (for medium snap)
2 t Lemon juice (optional: see notes)
1T Brandy (very optional)
¼t or 1/8t Gd nutmeg (very optional)
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