Mixed Spice

Forget apple pie spice, pumpkin pie spice, and all the other similar products in your grocery shop, since they are typically half cinnamon.  Instead, in each case use a combination of mixed spice and cinnamon.

There is no definitive recipe for mixed spice, but it is always a ground mixture of spices that include or go well with cinnamon.  In addition to the ingredients listed below, cassia, mace, cardamon and caraway are sometimes included.

The quantities are all in teaspoons, and the total amount packs easily into a 1oz spice jar.


2t 2t Ground allspice (generous)
1t 1t Ground cinnamon
1t Cloves (stingy), ground
2t 2t Ground ginger
1t 1t Ground nutmeg
1t Coriander seeds, ground
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